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From the Racing Post's "Net Prophet" feature
Friday 25th May 2000
© Racing Post

"With Stratford rounding off the hunter-chase season next Friday and Saturday, a website worth a visit by point-to-point fans is Jumping For Fun, writes David Dew.
The final races of the hunter-chase season are to be previewed by Mal Davies, who came up trumps when naming the first twohome from four selections in the Fox Hunters' at Aintree.

Navigation and Presentation
On arrival at the site, the viewer is greeted with two images of jumping horses, below which are links to access the rest of the site. These can also be found down the left-hand side of the page, which is useful as it avoids endless scrolling for the viewer. The homepage also has links to the latest additions on the site, which is updated at least once a week. While the design will not win any awards, its simplicity allows information to be viewed at speed, with file sizes kept to a minimum and no fancy animations.
RATING: 7/10

Up and running since 1997, this is no fly-by-night outfit. Financed by point-to-point enthusiast, 31-year old Dominic Bradshaw, "the unofficial site for point-to-point, maintained purely by enthusiasts for enthusiasts" was born after he noticed a severe lack of information available through the internet for people with a similar interest. While it does not have all the glitz and glamour of some of the more professional set-ups, it contains a wealth of pointing information which is all free to access. 
From fixture dates and course details, to jockey bookings and meeting cancellations, Jumping For Fun is a real help to those interested in the grass-roots side of jump racing. There is even a section detailing some of the jockeys available to ride, including last season's champion Julian Pritchard, who proclaims: "Have car, have saddle (a very small one!), will travel anywhere-but it must win!"
A recent addition to the site is the chat forum, allowing guests to discuss pointing topics. Of greater interest are the live forums which have taken place on several occasions, with more planned. 
The horses-to-follow section has turned up a host of winners and it will be interesting to see if this success can be maintained next year. But perhaps the most useful attributes are the meeting reviews and "speed points" (ratings). Races from a handful of meetings are discussed in detail each week and future likely winners are often pinpointed.
RATING: 8/10

from "Odds On" magazine April 2000
Written by Nick Boyd

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